Sonoff mini wifi 1 channel

Sonoff 1 channel mini wifi


Thanks to the Sonoff mini wifi 1 channel we can start thinking about a smart home and within reach of smartphones.

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But let’s pay attention for a second to this small product that includes a lot of technology.

We are talking about the Sonoff mini wifi 1 channel that is able to transform any point of your home or your intelligent space. Compact intelligent switch can be inserted in any switching box thanks to its small size: only 42.6mm x 42.6mm and a thickness of 20mm.

Practically very small. You can also download the APP for IOS or Android and start the normal tuning procedure. Once you have registered the product thanks to the wifi connection you can remotely control from your smartphone to turn on or off anything in the house. From lamps to shutters, to the boiler to the washing machine.

You can see in the diagram below a normal assembly of the Sonoff mini wifi 1 channel on a line of light.

sonoff mini wifi 1 channel

The Sonoff mini wifi 1 channel is convenient to control and automate your appliances with the dedicated App via smartphone or tablet with voice command.

It is possible to turn on/off only with voice command.

Set a time to start or turn off devices in your home.

Create intelligent and intuitive scenarios by activating/deactivating Sonoff mini wifi 1 channel devices.

sonoff mini 1 channel wifi

sonoff mini 1 channel wifi


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