Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

Cable for telephone intercom and network installation
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

Flexible braid 8x0,50 fntpfr8x050 poliplast

Poliplast flexible braid 8x0,50 FNT PFR8X050 is a versatile flexible cable designed for a variety of applications. Its braided structure makes the cable highly flexible, allowing for easy installation even in confined spaces. The Trecciolina is made up of 8 copper wires with a 0.50 mm section, ensuring good electrical conductivity. This cable is ideal for...
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

Flexible trecciolina s / scaina 12x050 citophonica

Trecciolina is a flexible cable without sheath, ideal for installation in intercom systems. This cable, with a section of 12x050, offers a reliable solution for the transmission of audio signals between the various components of the system. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be easily installed and adapted to different configurations without compromising...
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

Spring telephone cable for handset base 4p/4c 2mt black

The spring-loaded telephone cord for cradle to handset is an essential accessory for your home telephone line. This 2m long black cord gives you the flexibility to connect your telephone handset to its cradle conveniently and efficiently. The internal spring allows the cable to extend and retract without twisting or tangling, ensuring a stable and...
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

Intercom cable 12x0,50 ftf1250 flex

The FTF1250 Flex 12x0.50 intercom cable is a flexible and versatile cable designed for the installation of intercom systems. Featuring 12 conductors and a diameter of 0.50mm, this cable offers reliable connectivity and clear signal transmission to ensure optimal operation of your intercom system.
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

16x0.50 ftf1650 flex two cable

The FTF1650 Flex intercom cable is a high quality cable made up of 16 wires, each with a diameter of 0.50 mm. It has been designed to be flexible and rugged, providing reliable connectivity for intercom systems. 16mm x 0.50mm intercom cable with 100m coil sheath
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

8p g066 black telephone plate

8-wire flat telephone cable for telephone equipment and connections
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

Cavo telefonico 8c+t tl8 poliplast

Il cavo telefonico 8C+T TL8 è un cavo di connessione essenziale per le comunicazioni telefoniche. È composto da otto conduttori più un conduttore di terra e offre una soluzione affidabile per trasmettere segnali vocali e dati tramite le reti telefoniche.
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

Telephone cable 4c t flameproof tinned tl4 10222

TL4 10222 Tinned Flame Retardant 4C T Telephone Cable is a high quality cable designed for telephone communications. It is made of fire and stagnant resistant materials to ensure maximum safety and durability. This cable offers reliable and stable connectivity for telephone networks, ensuring clear and interference-free transmission.
Telephone Intercom-Telephone-Electric Material Network

Flexible trecciolina 236050 6x050 intercom

The intercom flexible braid 236050 6x050 is an innovative solution for intercom communication systems. This high quality flexible cable provides a reliable and secure connection between the intercom and the control unit. Thanks to its flexibility, it is easy to install and adapt to different configurations. The intercom flexible braid 236050 6x050...
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