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The Finder 230V staircase lighting modular relay is a device used to control staircase lighting in a domestic or commercial electrical system. A relay is an electromechanical switch that can be turned on or off by an electrical signal.
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Thermal overload relay sqare d 1.8-2.3 td1.8 class 9065

Thermal relays are electromechanical protective devices that protect electric motors from overloads and rotor locks. Manual reset-ready thermal relays feature a reset button that allows the user to reset the relay manually, without the need to replace the fuse.
Electric pulses relay

Relay socket 60.12 9020 finder

Socket for Finder 6012 series relays, with screw terminals. For panel or 35 mm DIN rail mounting.
The Finder 26018230 Impulse Relay is an electromechanical device used to control and switch electrical signals or circuits. This type of relay is designed to be used for lights or other stepper functions, which are special electric motors used to convert electrical control signals into discrete angular motions or "steps.
Electric pulses relay

Switch relay 2601012 12v finder

The Finder 2601012 12V switch relay is a highly reliable device designed for the control of low voltage circuits. With its compact size and robust construction, this relay offers an efficient and safe solution for the automation and control of electrical systems. Its high breaking capacity and low contact resistance ensure optimum performance, allowing...
Electric pulses relay

Luminosi 02600 button capacitor finder relay

The 02600 light button capacitor is an electronic component designed to be used with the Finder CO250RE relay. It features illuminated buttons that provide visual feedback when pressed. This capacitor offers an intuitive interface for relay control and improves user experience during operation.
The 0270 Illuminated Button Module Condenser is an innovative device that combines the functionality of a capacitor and the versatility of an illuminated button. Add a touch of style to your electronic creations with this easy-to-use, elegantly designed module.
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