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Smart three-phase DIN meter
MatixGO - green P11 ita socket

MatixGO - license plate button

1P (NO) 3A 250Vacm illuminated name plate button, 2 modules, white.

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The Bticino J4040 name plate button is an electrical control device that allows you to turn an electrical circuit on or off. It is a monopolar (1P) button with a normally open (NO) contact, which means that the circuit is open when the button is not pressed and closed when the button is pressed. The nominal current of the button is 3A, with a voltage of 250Vacm. The button is illuminated by an integrated white LED.

The button is made of white ABS plastic and has dimensions of 60x40x24 mm. It is compatible with the modular plates of the Matix Go series.

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