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Rubberized cable butule fg16or1626 2x6mmq fg15 450 / 750v icel

Electric rubberized butyl cable fg7 2x6 mmq wholesale electrical systems
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Butyl rubberized electric cable fg7 2x6 mmq

conductor: red copper, flexible formation, class 5
insulation: rubber, quality g7
filler: thermoplastic, penetrating between the cores (only in multipolar cables)
sheath: pvc, rz quality
Color: Grey
functional characteristics
rated voltage uo / u: 0.6 / 1 kv
maximum working temperature: 90 ° c
maximum short circuit temperature: 250 ° c
particular characteristics
good resistance to industrial oils and greases. good behavior at low temperatures.
laying conditions
minimum installation temperature: 0 ° c
minimum recommended bending radius: 4 times the diameter of the cable
maximum recommended tensile stress: 5 kg per mm² of copper section
use and type of installation
suitable for the transport of energy in industry, construction sites, residential buildings.
for fixed installation indoors and outdoors. installation on walls and metal structures, on walkways, pipes, channels and similar systems.
underground installation is allowed, even if not protected. (cei 20-67)

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