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Microswitch diverter with long lever roller no...
Microswitch diverter with long lever roller no and nc switch

Microswitch diverter with long lever roller no and nc switch

The long lever roller microswitch is a versatile and reliable switch that combines a long lever roller with the functionality of a normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) switch. This device is designed to provide precise control in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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Long Lever Thumbwheel Microswitch Diverter is an essential electronic component widely used in applications of industrial automation, electronic equipment, safety devices, and other systems that require a mechanical interface to turn an electrical circuit on or off. This switch is designed to provide a long lever that can be easily manipulated to operate the internal contact.

The switch features a spring mechanism that allows it to toggle between the NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed) positions with a flip action. This means that the interface can be configured to operate as an open switch when the lever is in one position and as a closed switch when the lever is moved to the other position. This versatility allows the switch to be tailored to specific application needs.

The microswitch interface consists of a sturdy body that houses the internal switch mechanism, long lever thumbwheel, and electrical contacts. The contacts are made of high quality materials which ensure low contact resistance and a long operational life. The long lever thumbwheel provides a comfortable grip for the operator and offers effective mechanical leverage to operate the switch.

Technical features:

Switch type: Microswitch diverter with long lever roller
Contact configuration: NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed)
Operational Life: Long operational life ensured for long time use
Contact material: High quality materials for low contact resistance and higher reliability
Switch mechanism: Switch spring for smooth and precise switching action
Switch Body: Constructed of heavy duty materials for increased durability
Typical Applications: Industrial automation, electronic equipment, safety devices and more
Sizes: Various sizes available to fit specific application needs
Certifications: Safety and compliance certifications to ensure use in industrial and commercial applications.

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