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The Magic - NC 1P 16A push button (stop) is an essential component for travel remote controls. With an additional NO contact, it offers stop functionality for various applications.
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The Magic - NC 1P 16A push button (stop) is designed to provide reliable and safe control in travel remote controls. This single contact button is able to interrupt the flow of current when pressed, allowing you to quickly and easily stop the desired activity.

One of the key features of this button is its additional NO (normally open) contact. This additional contact offers greater flexibility in applications by allowing additional circuits or devices to be controlled independently of the main contact. It is especially useful in situations where you need to interrupt a major operation while keeping other components or features active.

The Magic - NC 1P 16A push button (stop) is made of high quality materials, ensuring a long life and reliable strength. Its installation is simple and intuitive, and it can be easily integrated into various remote control systems.

Technical features:

Button Type: Normally Closed (NC)
Rated voltage: 16A
Number of poles: 1P (single pole)
Supplementary contact: Normally open (NO)
Material: Durable and strong
Easy installation and compatibility with remote control systems
The Magic - NC 1P 16A push button (stop) offers a reliable stop mechanism for travel remote controls, providing safe and convenient control in different applications. Thanks to its additional NO contact, it is possible to control additional circuits or devices independently. With its ease of installation and durability, this pushbutton proves to be an essential component for controlling operations in situations where a quick and reliable stop is required.

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