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The 1P NO 230V 10A pushbutton with lightable name plate is an essential component of the Magic 220V A5008 Ticino series. It is designed to provide an intuitive and functional interface for controlling electrical devices. With its elegant bulb lighting, it also offers the possibility of personalizing the name plate for easy identification.
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The 1P NO 230V 10A pushbutton with lightable name plate is an integral part of the renowned Magic 220V A5008 Ticino series, known for its reliability and innovative design. This push button is designed to offer intuitive control of electrical devices, with its normally open (NO) single pole configuration allowing the flow of current to shut off when pressed.

What distinguishes this button is its lightable name plate. The plate can be customized to show the name or function of the connected device, providing a clear indication of its use. The plate is compatible with bulbs art. 11250L/LV, art. 11251L and art. 11252L, which offer different lighting options, including warm or cool white light.

The pushbutton's technical characteristics include a supply voltage of 230V and a current capacity of 10A, making it suitable for residential and commercial applications. The Magic 220V A5008 Ticino series is known for its build quality and compliance with electrical safety standards.

In summary, the 1P NO 230V 10A pushbutton with lightable nameplate is a versatile and reliable component, perfect for controlling electrical devices in your home or workplace. Its customizable lighting makes it aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time, offering a touch of elegance to your electrical installation.

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