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The Bticino 1P 16A 5014 NC stop button is a reliable and safe electrical component that offers a practical solution for quickly and effectively interrupting the power supply. It is designed for use in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, offering an immediate and safe way to switch off electrical circuits.
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The Bticino 1P 16A 5014 NC stop pushbutton is a versatile and reliable electrical component designed to ensure safe interruption of the power supply. Featuring a normally closed (NC) contact, this push button will instantly shut off the flow of current within a circuit when activated. Its single pole (1P) configuration allows it to turn off a single circuit without affecting other connected circuits.

The Bticino stop button is designed to be installed in a simple and safe way, with compliance with current electrical safety standards. Its 16A capacity allows it to handle moderately sized electrical loads, making it suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. It is constructed with high quality materials that ensure long life and wear resistance.

This stop button features an ergonomic design that makes activation easy, allowing for quick response in the event of an emergency or need to shut down immediately. Its rugged construction offers reliable protection against shock, vibration and other environmental factors. Furthermore, it is compatible with the Bticino wiring system, ensuring simple and trouble-free integration with other electrical components of the same family.

Whether it is used as an emergency button in an industrial environment or as a stop switch in a residence, the Bticino 1P 16A 5014 NC stop button stands out for its reliability, ease of use and safety. It ensures rapid interruption of the current flow and offers a practical solution for controlling the power supply in various contexts.

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