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Double switch magic 5052 1-0-2 5052n ticino

The Magic 5052 1-0-2 5052N Ticino double button switch is a versatile device designed to control electrical circuits. With its double button configuration, it allows users to easily select between three different switch options: position 1, position 0 and position 2. This Ticino switch has been manufactured with high standards of quality and reliability to guarantee optimal performance over time.
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The Magic 5052 1-0-2 5052N Ticino double button switch is an electrical component designed to provide an advanced switching solution. With a dual-key design, it offers users the choice of three different switch positions: position 1, position 0 and position 2. This switch is ideal for a variety of applications including factory automation, electronics, consumer and automotive.

The Magic 5052 double-button switch was built with high quality materials to guarantee resistance and durability over time. Specifications include a current rating of [specify rated current], a voltage rating of [specify rated voltage], and a maximum supported power of [specify maximum power]. These specifications ensure that the switch is suitable for a wide range of applications and can handle both light and heavy electrical loads.

The Magic 5052 switch features standardized connectors that simplify installation and connection to other electrical devices. It is designed to be easily integrated into existing electrical circuits and supports a reliable connection to ensure lossless signal transmission.

Its dual-key configuration offers great flexibility to users, allowing them to select the desired switch position based on their specific application needs. Position 1, position 0 and position 2 offer clear and precise switching options, allowing for accurate control of electrical circuits.

The Magic 5052 1-0-2 5052N Ticino double-button switch represents a reliable and convenient option for a variety of applications that require safe and precise switching. Thanks to its advanced technical characteristics and its high quality construction, this switch offers excellent performance and high durability.

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