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External plate modosub protected ip55 3p 43603 white

IP55 protected external plate for 503 box, offering a reliable and safe solution. Elegant white color for a modern look.
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The protected external plate on the 503 modosub IP55 3P 43603 white box is an ideal choice to guarantee protection, reliability and contemporary style for your electrical system. With its IP55 rating, this external face plate is resistant to dust and splashes of water, providing a secure solution for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The 503 cassette, integrated into the external plate, offers simple installation and extra protection for the electrical components. The 3-pole configuration allows you to effectively manage electricity, providing stable and secure connections.

The white surface of the external plate adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the surrounding environment. This aesthetic design fits seamlessly into a variety of décor styles, blending effortlessly into any setting.

By choosing the 503 modosub IP55 3P 43603 white protected external plate on box, you can have the peace of mind that you are getting a superior quality product that offers safety, protection and a refined appearance for your electrical system

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