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Switch relay 2601012 12v finder

The Finder 2601012 12V switch relay is a highly reliable device designed for the control of low voltage circuits. With its compact size and robust construction, this relay offers an efficient and safe solution for the automation and control of electrical systems. Its high breaking capacity and low contact resistance ensure optimum performance, allowing you to handle electrical loads with ease. With the Finder 2601012 12V switch relay, you can precisely and reliably control your low voltage circuits.
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The 2601012 12V Finder switch relay is an essential component for the control and automation of low voltage circuits. Its clever design and build quality make it an excellent choice for a range of industrial and domestic applications. This relay is designed to operate at a nominal voltage of 12V, providing a reliable solution for controlling low voltage electrical loads.

With a compact design and simple installation, the Finder 2601012 12V Switch Relay integrates easily into your existing systems. It can be used to control motors, lights, fans and other low voltage electrical devices. Its high breaking capacity allows you to handle loads up to a certain maximum current, ensuring reliable and safe performance.

This switch relay offers low contact resistance, which means that energy loss and heat generation are minimized. This helps improve energy efficiency and extend the life of the relay. In addition, the Finder 2601012 12V Switch Relay features overcurrent protection, which protects the circuit and connected devices from damage caused by current surges.

In conclusion, the Finder 2601012 12V switch relay represents a reliable, efficient and safe solution for the control of low voltage circuits. Thanks to its quality technical characteristics, you can manage your electrical loads precisely and reliably. Its robust construction and intelligent design make it an ideal choice for your automation and control needs. It is an essential component for electrical professionals or electronics enthusiasts looking to enhance their systems.

Technical features:

Rated voltage: 12V
Breaking capacity: [specify maximum current]
Contact resistance: [specify resistance value]
Overcurrent protection included
Compact design and easy installation
Robust and reliable construction
*Photo is for illustration purposes only.

- dimensions 45x22x46.6 mm
- weight 0.063 g
- 12v supply voltage
- 1 contact

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