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Industrial relay 2 contacts 10a 55.32 80.12v finder

Finder 55.32 80.12V AC industrial relay, 2 contacts, 10 A, 12 V AC coil, signal LED and test button.
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Finder 55.32 80.12V AC industrial relay is an electromechanical device used to control the power supply of other electrical devices. It has two contacts, one NC (Normally Closed) and one NO (Normally Open), which can be used to control a variety of loads, including motors, lights and electronic equipment.

The relay has a 12V AC coil which supplies energy to the magnetic circuit. When the coil is activated, the contacts close or open, depending on the type of contact. The relay is equipped with a signal LED that indicates when it is activated and a test button that allows you to test the relay without having to disconnect it from the circuit.

The relay is designed for industrial use and has an IP40 degree of protection, making it resistant to dust and splash water. It has compact dimensions (20.7 x 37.2 x 27.7 mm) and low weight (15 g).

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