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Equipotential terminal block for 30x3mm electrical cable connections

The 30x3mm equipotential terminal block is a reliable solution for the safe connection of electrical cables. With a compact size, it ensures a solid and stable connection, maintaining a uniform level of electric potential between the connected wires.
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The 30x3mm equipotential terminal block represents an effective solution for connecting electrical cables, guaranteeing safety and stability. Designed to meet the needs of a variety of electrical installations, this terminal block provides a reliable connection and even distribution of electrical potential between connected wires.

The compact size of 30x3mm makes this terminal block suitable for applications in limited spaces, allowing easy installation even in contexts where space is at a premium. Its robust and high quality construction ensures durability and resistance to atmospheric and environmental agents, keeping the electrical connection intact over time.

The 30x3mm equipotential terminal block is equipped with screw or spring terminals, depending on the preferences and requirements of the installation. These terminals allow for easy connection of electrical cables, ensuring secure fastening with no risk of slipping or loosening.

The main distinguishing feature of this terminal block is its equipotential bonding function. This means that it creates a solid and stable electrical connection between connected wires, ensuring that the electrical potential is uniform throughout the terminal block. This is particularly important in complex electrical systems or in sensitive environments, where it is necessary to avoid potential differences which could cause damage or malfunctions.

The 30x3mm equipotential terminal block finds applications in various sectors, including industry, the residential and commercial sector, as well as in areas such as industrial automation, renewable energy and home automation. With its reliable performance and ease of installation, this terminal block has become a popular choice for electricians and industry professionals looking for an efficient solution for secure electrical wire connections.

- length 200mm
- m6 x 16mm
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