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E27 lamp holder plastic ring biamco chandeliers spare parts 0231

The white E27 plastic lamp holder ring is an essential replacement for e27 chandeliers. Made from high quality plastic, it offers a reliable solution for replacing a damaged or missing ferrule. The ferrule fits perfectly on the lamp holder and offers a secure grip for the bulb, ensuring stable and long-lasting lighting. With its elegant design and neutral white colour, it blends easily into any décor style. It is easy to install and fits a variety of chandeliers and light fixtures that are compatible with the e27 socket.
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The white E27 plastic lamp holder ring is an essential component for chandeliers and lighting fixtures that use the E27 bulb. This replacement ferrule is made of high quality materials to ensure the durability and safety of the installation.

The ferrule is made of durable plastic, which offers a combination of light weight and sturdiness. Its solid construction ensures a secure grip for the bulb, preventing slippage or sagging. This guarantees stable and continuous lighting without interruptions or risks of overheating.

The design of the ferrule has been carefully designed to perfectly fit the E27 lamp holder. Its ergonomic shape allows easy insertion and removal of the bulb, simplifying maintenance and replacement operations. Additionally, the ferrule features a secure locking system to securely fasten the bulb to the socket.

The neutral white color of the bezel fits easily into any decor and lighting style. It integrates unobtrusively with chandeliers, sconces, ceiling lights and other lighting fixtures that use the E27 lamp holder.

Bezel installation is quick and easy. Simply screw the ferrule onto the E27 lamp holder until you get a firm grip. No special tools or special technical skills are required.

The white E27 lamp holder plastic ferrule is compatible with a wide range of chandeliers and luminaires that use the E27 lamp holder as standard. It is ideal for home use, but can also be used in commercial or industrial settings such as restaurants, offices, shops and much more.

Replacing a damaged or missing ferrule with this replacement plastic ferrule is an easy and inexpensive way to get your chandeliers and light fixtures back to working order. Be sure to use only genuine and quality ferrules to ensure safe and reliable installation.

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