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Modular electric switchboard din 4-position connection 63004b electrochannels

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Recessed panel predisposing industrial civil electrical system 4 modules
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Gray recessed switchboard with smoked door.
the electrical distribution panel is a detached device of the electrical system where it distributes and supplies the sockets the winery electrical system the lighting system the appliances and all that is part of the electrical world.

with the electrical panel it is possible to divide the electric lines according to the needs and have a security if a greater load occurs or if a short circuit occurs or if maintenance must be performed at the electrical sockets.
the electrical panel usually has an impact-resistant polycarbonate structure and is chosen based on the switchboard modules to be inserted.

there are various sizes of electrical panels with 4-module sockets and a max 102 - then for industrial jobs more complex and differently structured panels are chosen.
the electrical switchboard meets the protection and control needs of modern distribution systems.
installation is simple and easy thanks to the supplied accessories that complete the system. the recessed electric central unit with door is available in the classic gray ral7035 color.
the high mechanical resistance ensures maximum protection for protection in common outdoor applications such as industrial premises or civil series.
possibility to install electrical appliances with a depth of 48 and 75 mm.

reversible smoked transparent door
terminal block kit suitable for any type of model and easy to install.
circuit identification labels.
fixing bracket to have double insulation.
conductor input through ip55 cable glands
provision for cover sealing with screws.
the seats of the cover fixing screws at the base are hidden by a side frame.

technical features
- 4 modules din
- degree of protection ip40 -
- dark transparent polycarbonate door -
- box in orange polystyrene with high resistance to shocks -
- predisposed for terminal board assembly
- din bar for magnetothermic assembly with extractable support mounted -
- external frame and door in exstralucido material -
- packaged in single cardboard for the protection of the parts to be assembled at the end of the masonry works -
- ral 7035 gray frame
- article ec63004
- dimensions 154 x 160 x80 mm imq ce

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