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Plug 10a 2 poles steering wheel sp3
Electric plug 10a 2-pole brown flying for electric cable

10a electric plug 2poli silver steering wheel

Product for small household electrical plug vintage silver color 10a
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Electric steering wheel 10a.
the electric plug can be used universally for home use from coffee machines irons hairdryers razors electric plates fans and many electrical devices.

for every nation they are used different plugs and with the same principle and have shapes size and color.
an important detail on the italian plug that can be inserted in the german swiss or french sockets only if they have no central ground contact. instead for england and other parts of the world are not compatible.
in italy there are electrical plugs 10a and 16a according to the load current that must endure so choosing the model.
the contacts of the electric plug are covered by half of the cells with insulating material and this serves for greater security when it is extracted or inserted into the electrical socket

- riambio electrical accessories
- silver colour
- nominal current 10a
- 2p 10a

electrical material for sale at www.delpianoelettrico.com

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