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Living international cover plate 7p in white plastic l4807pb bticino
Presa bipasso living int rossa l4180r ticino

Living international 2p bypass socket t-10 / 16a l4180 bticino

Living international - 2p t 10a and 16a bypass socket - center distance 19mm and 26mm -
shielded alveoli

- l4180 ticino - bivalent socket
- living international bticino series

what is the electrical outlet used for?

Electric socket is the instrument that powers our small and large appliances such as ovens, ovens, plates for sandwiches, washing machines, dryers, water heaters, heating stoves, refrigerators, hair dryers, computers. They are products that we cannot do without.
There are different models of 220V power socket from the bypass socket, German Unel socket, USB socket, new concept of current distribution.

the electrical socket module is made up of the external part in resin and the electrical contacts inside are usually in brass, precisely because of the load it must withstand from 10 to 16a protected contacts 2 poles 1 central earth.
the socket has a protection to prevent children from inserting sharp objects into the current poles.
the electrical socket is installed in its support and the wires are connected according to the symbols shown behind the central module with the yellow-green earth symbol.

the two cables depart from the electrical panel where, following a route through the pipes, they arrive at the sockets of the house with a third wire which corresponds to the grounding and is highlighted in yellow-green. each live socket has holes where the cables arrive and where the plug of any household appliance or any device is inserted in order to power or even charge mobile phones.
what is the ground wire for?
the yellow-green electric cable called grounding is a safety system required by law, it is used to avoid dangerous electric shocks in contact with metal parts of household appliances or leaks from hobs.

sale of electrical socket for residential series living international bticino.


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