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Longlife fluorescent lamp mini 7w e14 6500k airam

Energy saving candle e14 lamp 7w 6500k
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Energy-saving bulb shape candle e14 7w cold light 6500k. duration 10,000 hours class a

the life-saving electronic lamp life expectancy 8 years 2-8 hours per day of use with constant mains voltage and limited switching on and off.
the airam low consumption lamp has a number of advantages compared to them: longer life, white light, brilliance and compactness.
they are lamps with high energy efficiency, such as to allow savings of up to 80% and a duration ten times longer than a traditional lamp.
lamp with reduced energy consumption has been found not contributing to the increase in co2 levels.

- consumption 7w light 40w
· high line indicative life 10,000 hours.
- measurements: 106 x 40 mm
- weight 0.064
- energy class a
- 6400k tonality
- voltage 220-230v
- lumen 320 lm

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