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Telescopic pole zincated fire 2x3 700017 antenna

The 2x3 700017 fire-galvanized telescopic mast is designed to offer a solid and reliable solution for installing antennas. With exceptional strength and maximum extendable height, it ensures optimal signal reception.
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The 2x3 700017 fire-galvanized telescopic antenna mast is the ideal option for radio communications enthusiasts or those who need a solid structure for installing antennas. Constructed from high quality materials and zinc plated for corrosion resistance and exceptional durability, this post delivers reliable performance over time.

With a size of 2x3 inches, the telescopic mast provides a solid foundation for attaching the antenna. Its telescopic structure allows you to extend its height to the desired size, allowing greater flexibility in the choice of placement. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to optimize signal reception and guarantee a stable and quality connection.

The resistance of the 2x3 700017 fire-galvanized telescopic pole is a distinctive element. Its robust construction and the quality of the materials used guarantee exceptional stability even in adverse weather conditions. Resistant to high winds and bad weather, this mast is designed to withstand the elements and provide solid support for your antennas.

Ease of installation is another benefit of this telescopic mast. Thanks to its clever design, it can be erected quickly and easily, minimizing the time and effort needed to set up the structure. Additionally, its compatibility with a wide range of antennas makes it a versatile choice for multiple applications.

In summary, the 2x3 700017 fire-galvanized telescopic antenna mast represents an excellent solution for those looking for a strong and reliable structure for installing antennas. Its maximum extendable height, weather resistance and ease of installation make it a perfect ally to ensure optimal signal reception and a stable connection in different communication contexts.


- d. 25/30/35
- length min.2 max 6mt
- 3 section extendable pole
- thickness 0.8

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