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Professional rechargeable lead acid battery 12v 17ah

Energy storage battery 12v 17ah lead-acid rechargeable charge products
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Power rechargeable lead acid battery. ups, burglar alarm, emergency - ups
lead sealed rechargeable battery
ups battery
ups batteries and components for computer products.
12v battery for sale

the lead accumulator battery is a type of old rechargeable battery still widely used on cars and various motor vehicles.
it allows the engine to be started or to power electrical consumers such as emergency lamps, anti-theft systems, electric bikes.
12v lead battery for universal use.
once the battery is exhausted, it is no longer possible to recharge it due to its exhausted power.
to always have an efficient battery that respects several years of duration it is necessary to recharge it regularly with a charger suitable for the battery and the charge must be done with a constant and very slow current. on the other hand, with battery chargers that power the accumulator very quickly over time, the battery can have problems with life.
lead-acid storage batteries do not like to remain discharged or partially charged; they must always be 100% charged.
for more information on the battery, it is a device for the accumulation of electrical energy and this takes place through a chemical process, with an always controlled release in the form of direct current.
each accumulator is equipped with a positive and a negative electrode which are immersed in electrolyte with other components and are closed in a monobloc, which would be the external battery box.

batteries for different uses:
· security and alarm systems
· light traction and medical equipment
· ups computer emergency systems
· accumulation of renewable energies
· emergency lamp
· 6.3 mm faston connection terminal

- no maintenance required
- can be used in any position
- low self-discharge
- high quality
- long service life applications: telecommunications, computers, control equipment, medical equipment, burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, emergency lights, cordless telephones, marine equipment, electronic toys, and many other applications
charging method:
- constant voltage charge (20 ° c)
- for buffer use: no current limitation necessary
- charging voltage: 2.25 ∞ 2.30v per element
- for cyclic use: maximum charge current: 25% of the rated capacity
- charging voltage: 2.35 ∞ 2.50v per element.
terminal type: t3
- the photo is indicative

- size: 181 x 167 x 77mm
- weight 5.6 kg
- 12v voltage
- capacity 17mha

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