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Flexible braid 8x0,50 fntpfr8x050 poliplast

Poliplast flexible braid 8x0,50 FNT PFR8X050 is a versatile flexible cable designed for a variety of applications. Its braided structure makes the cable highly flexible, allowing for easy installation even in confined spaces. The Trecciolina is made up of 8 copper wires with a 0.50 mm section, ensuring good electrical conductivity. This cable is ideal for use in domestic and commercial installations where a reliable connection is required for lighting, appliances and other equipment. Its build quality and flexible characteristics make it an excellent choice for professional electricians and installers.
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Poliplast flexible braid 8x0,50 FNT PFR8X050 is a high quality cable that offers a reliable and flexible solution for a wide range of applications. Its woven structure is designed to offer greater flexibility, allowing for easy installation even in tight and complex spaces. The Trecciolina is made up of 8 copper wires with a 0.50 mm section, which guarantee good electrical conductivity and low resistance. This cable has been designed to be resistant to wear and mechanical stress, ensuring a stable and long-lasting connection.

Poliplast flexible braid 8x0,50 FNT PFR8X050 is widely used in domestic and commercial systems, where a safe and reliable electrical connection is required. It can be used for the installation of lighting systems, appliances, electrical equipment and more. Its flexibility allows it to easily adapt to curves and angles without compromising the quality of the electrical signal. La Trecciolina is compatible with various installation standards and can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its resistance to atmospheric agents.

The flexible braid 8x0,50 FNT PFR8X050 Poliplast is a high quality product made with resistant and durable materials. Its robust construction ensures a long service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements. The cable complies with electrical safety regulations and offers reliable protection against short circuits and overloads. Its braided construction and flex characteristics make installation easy, reducing the time and effort required for wiring.

Technical features:

Cable type: Flexible pigtail
Section of the wires: 8x0.50 mm
Conductor Material: Copper
Coating: Poliplast
Flexibility: High
Resistance: Low
Installation standard: Compliant with electrical safety regulations
Recommended use: Lighting, household appliances, electrical equipment
Applications: Domestic and commercial installations
Weather resistance: Yes
Long lasting: Yes
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