Neon Fluorescent Lamp 2D-10W 4PIN GR10q 4000k 1131000

Neon Fluorescent Lamp Powerful 2D 10W 4P GR10q Power Save


6,98 € tax incl.

Low Fluorescent Neon Power Lamp 2D 4Pin 10W GR10q

The energy-saving lamps are born after the years of exasperated consumption when a more environmentally-friendly culture has progressively been made and above all the enemy of waste.
Reduce power consumption to illuminate the home and work environments without sacrificing the ideal color temperature.
- ensure a long service life: 10000 hours
- Ensure maximum ease of use even in small recessed luminaires thanks to the reduced length and diameter.
- to create elegant shapes that favor a widespread use of these lamps in the most diverse environments.
Interchangeable with standard incandescent lamps as they are equipped with an electronic power supply ensure instantaneous ignition and a stable light.
- Energy saving

- 2D 10W 4PIN GR10q 4000k
- 10W / 840 GR10q
- Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 10 mm

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