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Self-loaded burglar alarm siren with iess flashing

Self-powered and self-protected siren with flashing light
the iess sei400fb alarm siren is equipped with a very high-power blue led, with a modern, appealing appearance with a very strong acoustic power and low power consumption.
the very robust novodur bayer container, has a low profile and is equipped with a visual flashing light.
inside the container there is a second metal casing molded against anticorrosion obtained with a particular process and a cataphoresis process with the subsequent powder painting.
we see the advantages of this self-powered siren of the brand iess offers a visual lighting system for any alarm, prepared with a bright led of blue color. very low consumption that make the alarm siren installation to any environment, such as warehouses, houses, shops, shopping centers, offices, garages, etc.
use for both civil and industrial.
the fundamental thing is to be explained that this siren sei400fb incorporates 2 two-tone horns and is equipped with a very small anti-tamper switch if you try to force the front cover or possible removal from the wall.
a 12 / 1.2ah lead-acid rechargeable bacteria can be inserted in the container which is not included separately (code 02090061)

technical features

»» high-power and low-consumption led visual flasher (color
»» i ° level of performance
»» outdoor container is protected against solid objects larger than 2.5mm
and against splashes of water
»» siren protected against the opening of the lid and the tear from the wall
»» sound pressure 115 db at 1 mt 12v (certified by the manufacturer)
»» 2 bone-shaped horns mounted on the inside
»» smd led assembly
»» activation with positive fall
»» activation delay 0.5 seconds
»» maximum alarm time 6 minutes / - 20%
»» activation of the flasher in sync with the very loud sound activity
»» 120 flashes per minute
»» dimensions l 253 x h 290 x d 85mm
»» power supply 13.8vcc
»» absorption at rest 1ma 12v
»» absorption in alarm 1.4a 12v
»» operating temperature from -25 to 55 ° c
»» battery compartment prepared from 12v / 1,2ah (not included)
»» orange high - brightness led to signal the status of
implant insertion.

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