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Floor lamp with rigid and flexible stem, 1xe27 chrome metal finishes
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Neka bentel anti-theft outdoor wall-mounted alarm siren

The siren offers a very effective self-diagnosis system bentel safe system
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F.lli del piano group offers you a product that can be combined with any anti-theft system. the neka bentel security self-powered siren is a strong point for alarm systems such as light and sound alarms. we want to remind you that thanks to the microprocessor technology installed in this alarm siren, it guarantees stable and safe operation.
it adapts to any burglar alarm central unit has 4 different inputs, the possibility to program 2 types of sound to avoid confusion to users. or use the sounds for each type of alarm.
self-diagnosis ensures constant safety in its effectiveness to the lamp that are constantly monitored by the battery. faults are reported locally to the control panel via the appropriate outputs.
the fineness of this siren has a system that in case the battery is empty the residual energy will be used for the sound and at the same time the flashing light will be off.
any fault messages are reported in the control unit through the appropriate outputs. protected also for the possible introduction of foam, thanks to the double casing and the internal metal protection, they guarantee the safety of the neka bentel siren at a resistance to atmospheric agents.


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