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Internal anti-theft siren 12v white wavew bentel
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Alimentatore caricabatteria switching 1,5a centrale norma bentel

Alimentatore carica-batteria switching da 13,8v 1,5a per centrale norma bentel
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Charger switching power supply from 13.8v 1.5a for central norma bentel
module is a power supply and battery charger pad for use within
of plants of allarme.la input voltage can vary from 90 to
264v ∞. the output is protected against overload, short circuit and reverse
accidental battery terminals.

- current consumption 0,42
- battery capacity 12v 7ah
- output voltage of 13.8 v
- spy main pilot
- protection fuse
- dimensions 142 x 42 x 72 mm
- input voltage 100-240v


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