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Strip led 300 coil 5mt 14.4w to mt ip20 k6500 led strip
Pacco batteria trapano bosch power pack ni-cd 24v 2000mah

Battery for litio composition alarm sensor 7.2v 2400mah

This battery group is used for different types of burglar alarm systems
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2 aa lithium thionyl battery
all lithium-thionyl chloride batteries are primary cells and are not rechargeable

this type of battery from 9/10 years of storage, the lithium-thionyl chloride batteries have a residual capacity of almost 90%

the battery pack can be installed in the alarm sensors.

- voltage 7.2v 2400mah
- 2 assembled aa styluses
- lithium thionyl composition
- connection cable with clamp
- thionyl lithium battery pack
- dimensions 50.2x29x14.5 mm
GP Batterie

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