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Telescopic pole zincated fire 2x4 700018 antenna

The 2x4 700018 Fire Galvanized Telescopic Telescopic Mast is a versatile antenna mount that offers a solid galvanized construction for lasting strength. Its 2x4 dimension indicates the actual size of the mast, providing a stable base for mounting antennas and other communication devices. It is a reliable option to ensure better signal reception and optimal transmission.
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Galvanized wall bracket bracket cm.33 43-30...

The galvanized wall bracket bracket cm.33 43-30 a050500 is a resistant and versatile support for fixing structural elements to the wall. With a length of 33 centimeters and an adjustable opening from 43 to 30 millimeters, this bracket is made of galvanized steel for durability and corrosion protection. It is ideal for installing corbels, beams, trusses and other structures in construction and industry.
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