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Three-pole electrical terminal block 100a 15 holes

The 100A 3-pole 15-hole three-pole electrical terminal block is a connection device used to securely and reliably connect electrical wires and cables. This terminal block is designed to handle currents up to 100 amps and has 15 holes to allow connection of different wires. It is an essential component in electrical systems, allowing for an efficient and organized connection of cables.
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Three-pole terminal block 125a 15holes 8 modules

The 125A three-pole terminal block with 15 holes and 8 modules is an essential electrical device for the safe and efficient connection of cables and wires in industrial or domestic applications. This terminal block can handle currents up to 125 amps and has 15 holes for connecting electrical wires. It takes up 8 modules of space inside a distribution box or switch cabinet, providing a compact solution for neatly organizing and connecting cables.
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