Flexible gray D.14mmq sheath for external pipework


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Flexible gray cable sheath for channel systems
Spiral guillotine sheath particularly suitable for the protection of electrical or telecommunication conductors under ordinary or difficult environmental conditions in the presence of frequent bending mechanical stresses.
The absence of metal parts simplifies cutting and does not require grounding. The ease of use and installation makes it suitable for use in civil commercial and industrial environments especially in on-board systems. The PVC sheathed sheath with respect to passive wear is normal
Electromagnetic influences (emission and immunity) and is therefore excluded from Directive 89/336 EEC (Legislative Decree 615/96).

Flexible traction and crushing guide rail; It can withstand a curvature equal to its diameter without deformation or breakage.
The wavy outer surface; The internal one perfectly smooth allowing easy threading of conductors.
Made of thermoplastic material made of self-extinguishing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid for spiral and plasticized for sheath.
The nominal diameter corresponds to the inner diameter of the sheath; The minimum diameter of the system corresponds to the internal diameter of the fittings.

Degree of protection

The sheath completely watertight with the fittings of the MATUFLESS series mounted protected by the penetration of solid and liquid external bodies with IP 65 degree.
Type and color

Type GG: gray RAL 7035.
30mt matassa

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