SLIDING MOTOR BX 230V 600 Kg with Came release

motorized motor slides bx 600kg


497,59 € 497,59 € tax incl.

Sliding gate motor Came BX-P
Exclusive practicality
BX-P is the version with PRATICO SYSTEM, the comfortable patented CAME device which, in the event of a black-out, releases the gearmotor with the radio control, without looking for the keys.

A "renewed" range for sliding gates. The Bx series complies with current regulatory standards with new control electronics, for a range of automatisms for all sliding gates with leaves up to a maximum of 800 kg. A complete series, which best meets the various operating requirements and safety, with 230V AC and 24V DC models for all applications including collective ones.
Safety even when the gate is stationary
Each command is canceled if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices.

Motion control
BX allows blocking of the gate directly from the remote control, for a total control of the window.

Designed to last over time
The high strength of all the components, in fact, allows maximum resistance to atmospheric agents.

Easier and safer maneuvers
BX allows you to connect and control an auxiliary lighting, which lights up every time the gate is opened, to make movements easier and safer.
The 230V electronics
In addition to the usual command and safety functions, the new 230V BX series electronics offer some peculiarities that allow for total automation control and an optimization of the service. Here are some:

Stop the gate directly from the radio transmitter for a movement control always within reach.
Partial opening to allow limited opening for the pedestrian crossing.
Safety even when the gate is stationary thanks to the special electronic circuit that cancels every command if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices.

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