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Intrusion security alarm control unit from 5 to 15 zones expandable inim

Impianti is innovative high technology electronic alarm system inim
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Electronic burglar alarm control unit from 5 to 15 expandable zones. equipment with 5 areas, a 1.2 a power supply, tcp / ip and gsm / gprs connections set up inside and can be purchased separately.
but the important thing about this smart living inim alarm control unit is the heart of the system is a new generation communication bus, the i-bus. the i-bus allows to obtain the best transmission speeds of the segment with excellent ranges. it is sold with a metal container that is able to house the 12v 7ah rechargeable battery. the high-tech and multifunction electronic board.
for this product the innovative concept of "macro" should be emphasized, which makes the system immediately usable to the user and simplifies the programming and explanation of its operation to the installer.
in this way the smartliving system is able to send e-mails with attachments,
the programming of the control panel can be carried out by means of the keyboard on the display or by means of the PC using the smartleague software.

technical features
- maximum number of terminals in the system 5 - 15
- programmable relay on the main board 1
- programmable open-collector outputs on board the main board 2 (150ma)
- manageable areas 5
- ip connectivity management (smartlan / si and smartlan / g options)
- sia-ip digital communication (smartlan / si, smartlan / g, nexus / g options)
- 1.2 ° power supply
- rs232 port
- peripheral firmware reprogramming from the control panel
- metal container
- 12v 7ah battery housing
- measurements (hxlxp) 305x220x80 mm
- peripheral self-learning on the i-bus

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