Bernini weekly daily wall-mounted programmable thermostat

possibility of ignition heating having a guaranteed product


49,19 € 49,19 € tax incl.

Daily and weekly electronic chronothermostat in white color
Heating replacement accessories
This product programmable thermostat ensures the ideal temperature for every moment of the day.
The important thing of this temperature regulation device is the ease of use and the high quality of Made in ITALY.
An accurate design made with qualified material.
Operation can be performed either manual or automatic in heating and cooling mode.
clock very simple to use.
Switch to select automatic or manual.
A very simple little gem in its use.
Time setting, Heating or Cooling setting.
Automatic function.
Manual function.
Function Off.
Easy to replace AA batteries.
Antifreeze function
Blue backlit LCD display

Technical features
- Power supply 2 AA 1.5 AA alkaline batteries
- Battery life over 1 year
- Temperature regulation range from 5/35 °
- contact capacity 8A 250a
- IP40 protection rating on the front panel
- Thermal differential / - 0.3 C
- Daily programming
- Minimum programming intervention 15 min.
- Two settable temperature thresholds
- residual charge that allows you to replace the batteries without losing the existing programming.

Sale of temperature products at wholesale price.

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