TIMER Mechanical Analog Clock To Electrical Programmer plug

Clock for switching on and off any electrical product Timer 220V


6,59 € tax incl.

DAILY MECHANICAL TIMER Clock 3500W Electric Control.
Electrical accessories.
Mechanical daily time clock with plug.
96 riders for switching on and off.
16A and biprenal plug
selector x manual control (permanent power)

Analogue programmable timed electrical outlet with indicative power LED.
Great for turning on or off any device at a distance by selecting a desired time in the programmable disk.
The clock face dial shows the time in 24 hours.
Scooter disk movement
Minimum interval of 15 minutes
It supports currents up to 3500 Watts
On the front side the electric socket has a bypass connection and a 16A large connection plug.
At the rear the socket has a large 16A connection.

Technical features

- Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 74 mm
- Protection for children
- Power supply: 230V 50Hz
- Daily programming
- Load resistance: 16 to 250V
- Load power: 3500 Watts
- 10 / 16A bi-pitch socket
- Italian 16A plug
- White color
- LED indicator

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