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Electric light switch 16 a life my electrochannels 4013tec
Condensatori x motori 80mf 400/450

My life eletrrochannels acoustic electric bell 220v 8va 407210tec

Bell bell life 220v 8va built-in life living module
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Electric ringtone life 16a tech

life is a new civil series of modular units and switch covers that are simple to install and practical to use, compatible with other appliances having the same standard.
life is a range created to integrate into any type of environment: apartments, offices, shops, etc., thanks to its fluid, pleasant and rational design ..

uni en iso 9001.2000 certified quality.
quality guaranteed for 5 years.
the choice of raw materials.
the technopolymer used in the life system is a polycarbonate with high mechanical strength and dielectric strength without halogens and substances prohibited by the rohs regulation.

the metal contacts are made with high copper content brass and sized so as to be able to withstand currents higher than the nominal ones.

the secret of the life series lies in the practical adapters compatible with other series ..

- 16a electric bell
- tech color
- electrochannel brand
- my life tec civil series
- imq quality mark

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