Modular electric box holder 4M DIN 2x4 GW27071 Gewiss

Fruits holder electric container 4modules din protection Box wall system


14,97 € 14,97 € tax incl.

Modular wall electric box 4 DIN (2X4) SYSTEM PROTECTED.
This product has a complete and versatile system that represents modular modular containers, it is perfectly suited to the civil series SYSTEM, which is able to meet all the installation needs even of high protection of the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors nothing is missing. It integrates with any electrical system ..

Technical features
- N. 4 modules EN 50022
- N. 8 SYSTEM modules
- Configuration Module 2 x 4
- 15w dissipable power
- N. 12 breakable Ø 23 holes
- External dimensions 231 x 132 x 95mm

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