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For the shipment of the goods we rely on Bartolini and GLS EXECUTIVE. the shipper. working the merchandise is delivered to its destination.

Conditions to ship ITALY
For goods and / or products smaller and lighter that does not exceed 1 kg (They calculate based on the volume weight - is shipped in an envelope packs 15x20x5); 7:50 EUR

11:50 Up to 25 kg € + VAT 22%
Up to 50 kg 16,70 EUR + VAT 22%
Up to 75 kg 20,40 EUR + VAT 22%
Up to 100 kg 29,50 EUR + VAT 22%

For delivery MINOR ISLANDS SARDINIA and add to the rates above 10 € + VAT 22%
For light or heavy but bulky parcels will be taxed according to the weight / volume ratio 1mc = 300kg LxWxH 3333 x 3 = weight divided taxed

Conditions for shipping EUROPE
Up to 25 kg 13.41euro + VAT 22%
Up to 50 kg 20.00Euro + VAT 22%

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