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Magnetic led line lamp for davinci system 18w 1800lm 3000k cri90 60x2,8x2,2cm
Pendant lamp led 5w 3000k 500lm cri90 30x6cm

Magnetic led line lamp for davinci system 9w 900lm 3000k cri90 30,4x2,8x2,2cm

Line led strip davinci 30cm 3000k magnetic system

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Take a leap into the future with the new davinci magnetic system exclusive to the electric piano.
the first system to fully integrate with the architecture of the rooms.
low voltage electrified tracks which is completed with led light elements that can be inserted with a magnetic click.

indoor lighting with insertion on rails.
f.lli del piano points to the future with the davinci series system, created for the new generations of light. designed to integrate into any environment or shop or office. it fully integrates with modern design.
the track system where the spotlight is inserted can be fixed either to the ceiling or to the flush or suspended recessed walls or masonry.
the track is fully electrified with low voltage and various led light elements can be inserted.
with a simple click and rolling spheres the product is grafted onto the track where it can be slid and moved to the point needed.
this is the result of very advanced technological research, creating both ceiling and wall luminous lines that vary according to the position.
in the electrified track you can insert different luminous elements: from projectors, spotlights, suspensions, led strips, wall lights, etc.
we will be happy to explain how the system works to create a led light solution for your every need, contact us by phone.


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