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Keyboard for axis axel anti-theft alarm systems
Dual vented headlight detector technology mini ventem

Tent detector for outdoor 12mt waterproof micro wave faro

Curtain protection system for outdoor use ip66 waterproof 12 meters
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Dual technology curtain sensor for outdoor use max. 12 meters range suitable for bad weather.
antimask exclusion mw dip switch n.1 n.2
the flow of the sensor is adjusted with the trimmer. the regulation determines the maximum range of the microwave. so the sensor will automatically adapt to the infrared operation.
very effective and accurate product in signal interruption detection. an electronic device of its kind must be installed at any alarm system to have a greater security and to avoid trying to enter the house much earlier.

technical features

- temperature compensation - processing algorithms automatically optimize
- anti-masking insects - anti-masking with filter for small insects
-led off - deactivate detection displays while keeping the memory views enabled
- 12v / -3v power supply
- max 32 ma absorption
- 20 ma standby power consumption
- 24 ghz microwave
- 3 '' alarm time
- 100 ma / 24v relay opto
- tamper 100 ma / 30v
- wall tamper (optional 300 ma / 48v
- working temperature -10 ° c / 55 ° c
- dimension without accessories 110x44x46 mm
- dt - dual technology detector (µw irp)
- meters range - the detector has an operating range of 10-12m
- anti-accuracy of the infrared - allows to signal any attempt to blind the infrared lens
- performance level grade 2 class iv
- impermeability - the detector is impermeable thanks to the presence of gaskets in the closing profiles


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