CONDENSATORS electric faston 8MF 400/450 electric motors

Accessory Replacement Electric Condenser Lighter for Engines


2,62 € 2,62 € tax incl.

Industrial Capacitor for general use.
Use for the operation of motors applications for lighting ceiling lights
They are installed for asynchronous motors air conditioning Appliances
Compressors Pumps Garage Doors Tent Drive Heat Pumps ..
The container is plastic with attacks at Faston
· Engine starting capacitors
· double faston terminals
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Rated Voltage: 220-500 VAC
Nominal capacity: 0.6-60 MFD
Temperature range: -25 / 85 degrees
Dissipation factor: 0.004 (100 Hz 20 ° C)
Test voltage: T-T: 2s 2UN; T-C: 10s 2000V AC
Standard: GB / T3667-1-2005 IEC
400V 500V 450V AC
· Capacity Tolerance ± 5%

Capacity in mF microfarad µF 8

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