4MF 400/450 electric motors ignition capacitor

Electric motor starting capacitor 400/450 4mF Replacement sale


2,17 € 2,17 € tax incl.

Professional industrial condenser for general use.
Use for engine operation, lighting applications, ceiling lights,
They are installed for asynchronous motors, air conditioning, appliances ,
Compressors, Pumps, garages, door openers, unit awnings, heat pumps ..
The container is made of plastic with Faston attachments
· Capacitors for engine starting
· double faston terminals
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Rated voltage: 220-500 VAC
Nominal capacity: 0.6-60 MFD
Temperature range: -25 / 85 degrees
Dissipation factor: 0.004 (100 Hz, 20 ° C)
Test voltage: TT: 2s 2UN; TC: 10s 2000V AC
Standard: GB / T3667-1-2005 IEC
400V 500V 450V- AC
· Capacity tolerance ± 5%

Capacity in mF microfarads µF 4

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