Detector Natural gas leak IMQ BETA 752 / M GECA 37521604

Methane Domestic Gas Detector with interchangeable Beta Geca sensor


80,74 € tax incl.


The methane gas detector when a methane gas leak is detected
warns by means of an optical signal sensor for gas leaks
and acoustic of the presence of gas in the environment in is installed.
- red cottage gas
wall gas alarm.
gas leakage control unit with sensor.
where to place carbon monoxide detector. Where there is a source of Methane Gas there is gas alarm.
- gas leak detector.
- gas leak symptoms aerating the environment.
All our gas detectors They are equipped with a relay output for controlling a gas shut-off solenoid valve.
In the methane and LPG versions they are calibrated to detect a gas concentration equal to 10% of the L.I.E. (Lower Explosion Limit).
competitive gas detector price.
home gas detector.

This threshold may vary according to environmental conditions but in any case it will not exceed 20% of the L.I.E. during the first 5 years of operation.
Methane gas sensors.

In the CO versions they are calibrated to detect the following concentrations: 50 ppm for 70 minutes / 100 ppm for 20 minutes / 300 ppm for one minute.
These thresholds are guaranteed for a maximum period of 5 years.
At the expiry of the prescribed period an optical signal warns of the need to replace the sensor which can be performed simply by removing a door and using the spare sensors supplied in blisters.


- Power supply: 230 Vac - 50 to 60 Hz
- Absorption: 20mA max at 230Vac
- Alarm threshold: 10% of the L.I.E.
- Sensor: Catalytic
- Alarm: optical (red LED) and acoustic (internal buzzer 85dBA at 1 m)
- Degree of protection: IP42
- Compliance with standards: EN 50194
- White color
- Methane gas

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