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Hairdryer phon professional hairdryer 1700w 230v pro2600

Phon professional 1800w pro2600 powerful hair dryer
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Professional hair dryer 2 speeds 4 calories.
hair dryer was born for all those who are going to buy a phon but they do not know what features to buy.
from us you will find a wide range of electric hair care products.
professional hairdresser phon.

the hair dryer is a fundamental product for the care and bending of our hair the folds on our hair the brushes and combs we can shape our hair according to our needs.
the hair dryer or hair dryer is a first-rate home appliance.
now without this product we can not get our hair on.

the phon emitting hot air jets allows us to dry our hair and eliminate moisture.
in fact humidity is a big problem for our hairstyles and this is why the most basic thing to do without a classic professional hairdryer is the best small household appliance.

technical features
extractable air filter
2 speeds - 4 calories
1700w power
product code: super turbo 2000 cold air blow
anti-choke carcass
anti-shock radio tv double insulation
standards: en 55014 - en 55104 iec 61-73
italian product
super turbo professional pro 2600

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