Double bed warmer 160x140cm 100% polyester 2x60w Ardes

Scaldasonno ideal for a warm light and penetrating safe and with protection


38,87 € tax incl.

Double bed warmer for a peaceful sleep.
measure blanket 2 squares 150x160cm
Scaldasonno Matrimoniale - Electric blanket - 100% polyester outer fabric.
Independent heating for each square.
Two-position switch for temperature regulation. Separable power cable.
Safety system and protection against overheating.

Technical information

Double bed warmer, 140x160 cm, equipped with two two-position switches for independent heating temperature adjustment for each square), 2 separable power cables
2 year warranty
Washable by hand or in the washing machine.
100% polyester material
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 2x60w
Width: 160
Length: 140
Cream color

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