TV socket coaxial antenna passing D.9.5 living classic FEB

TV set TV series Living Classic ticino module 1 D.9.5 passing


3,67 € 3,67 € tax incl.

Caossiale TV D. 95 series Living classic.
The Key Largo Living Classic series is perfectly suited to the Living Classic Ticino with the support 4703 ..
- The luminaires the supports and the plates are designed to be integrated into all residential and commercial environments - Furthermore the total adaptability of the appliances to the Living Classic series has enriched the fields of use for those who demand the maximum in design ...

- Pass-through TV antenna socket
- Female connector D.9.5
- Attenuation of passage 0 DB
- 1 Module
- Living Classic Series

sale online electric products living classic Bticino.

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