Switch Electric Barrel steering wheel Brown 1190M

Steering wheel switch electric brown color lumi replacement table


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Unipolar single pole breakers. Barrel
In Elettrico there are different models of switches to turn on any lights of a home or office and shops. Each product is designed specifically for the type of lighting that is installed. Among all the models of switches is the flush one. The wire switch "called passfile" is a type of switch that is generally used in table lamps.

This very compact and robust electrical switch is suitable for office lamps home bedroom bedside tables it is made of durable plastic material that can be combined with Retro Vintage anbiente.
the lamp wire pass has a rocker shape for ignition.

Technical features
- Balance wire passer
- Brass contacts
- Snap closure
- With two through clamps
- Plastic casing
- BROWN Color Approved UR
- Dimensions 60 x 15 x 25 mm

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Prodotto valido per la creazione delle mie lampade ❤️