Electric hood clamp forbox 16mm square bar MB160

Connections for electric cables, section 16mmq, strip 10 caps


2,14 € tax incl.

Forbox hood clamp is the series of direct clamping flying clamps designed and built by master to ensure maximum protection to the installer and high reliability to the system. This is thanks both to the inaccessibility to the test finger of the live parts, and to the transparent casing that allows the immediate visual inspection of the connections. Also for this reason FORBOX is the best selling clamp in Europe.
Maximum safety for the installer: NO to accidental contacts.

Casing transparency to guarantee protection and reliability.

Versatility in use. -
The FORBOX terminals are used in the electrical connection inside junction boxes, in all the flying connections requiring quality, practicality, operational safety and protection against accidental contact, in civil, commercial, tertiary and industrial buildings. -
Insulating material:
- V0 self-extinguishing transparent polycarbonate according to UL94
- High mechanical strength and impact resistance even at low temperatures
- Heat resistance 130 ° C
- Resistance to flame and ignition according to IEC 695-2-1, CEI 50-11: suitability for 960 ° C for the incandescent wire test
- High dimensional stability
- Excellent resistance to creeping currents
- High electrical rigidity
- Excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents

Contact material:

- Brass OT 58
- Screws or grains in galvanized iron

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