50 liters electric water heater 5 years warranty


128,47 € tax incl.

Water heater - Water heater - Boiler - 50LT
Electric water heater model V / 2 50 liters. 220 v.

Exclusive accumulation electric water heater with new design vidron protection
capacity 45 l, power 1.2 kW, vertical wall
- Boiler in steel treated with thermosetting resins (Teflon) or glass-coated with flow-coating method (850 ° C)

- Main technical data
- Capacity l 45
- Power kW 1.2
- Single-phase 230 V voltage
- Thermal dispersion at 65 ° c kWh / 24h 1.22
- Net weight kg 17.3
- Dimensions: 509 x 450 x 476 bracket mm
- 5 years warranty
- Glass-varnished boiler with flow-coating method (850 °).
- Temperature and safety regulation thermostat.
- Warning light bulb
- External shell in epoxy powder coated sheet metal.
- Coated polyurethane foam free of CFC and HCFC.
- Accumulating water temperator indicator ..

Electric water heaters are used for the production and storage of hot water for the water mains.

Their operating principle is very simple, as it is based on the use of an electrical resistance which, by heating thanks to the passage of the current, supplies the necessary heat to the water.

A first distinction can be made precisely on the basis of the resistance, which can be immersed, ie directly in contact with the water to be heated,

The heating element is activated by an adjustment thermostat, which allows the water temperature in the tank to be set and kept constant.

Very important is the treatment of the internal surface of the product, according to which the water heater has several guarantee periods. Furthermore, to protect this surface from corrosion, there is a magnesium rod, which acts as an anode and must be periodically replaced.

Eventually, the water heaters can house inside them a coil (thermoelectric models or thermo-mixers) in which to run the water produced by a gas boiler (similarly to what happens in the boilers), with the purpose of integrating it with an additional source the heat transferred to the sanitary water.

In order to minimize heat dissipation, between the outer shell of the water heater, made of painted sheet metal, and the tank, there is a thick layer of insulation in polyurethane foam or high density polystyrene

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