Multimeter clamp meter multimeter buzzer 9V LCD display

Universal current clamp for all 1000A continuous voltage requirements


23,16 € tax incl.

Electronic portable ammeter clamp

This instrument is completely portable with LCD display 3 1/2 digit with test function
Insulation. It is powered by a standard 9V battery that allows an autonomy of 150 hours with carbon zinc 200 hours with alkaline. It has a sturdy line that allows a firm grip and comfortable use. The display is liquid crystal and can be read in all light conditions. The decimal point is positioned automatically and the negative polarity (LESS) lights up when a negative DC is measured (the PLUS sign is implied if nothing appears). Through the switch it is possible to position the instrument on the desired range. In addition when the battery is low it is indicated on the display (the display indicates LD Bat when about 20% of charge remains).

- Read speed 3 readings per second
- Automatic polarity indicated the minus implied the most.
- Overload indication absence of all numbers except MSD decimal point and sign
- Withholding ACA data; ACV; DCV
- Dimensions 23 × 7 × 3.7 cm
- Weight 310 grams approx with battery
- AC current from 0.1 A to 1000A
- Insulation test from 1000kOhm to 2000MOhm (with optional 500V unit)
- AC voltage from 1V to 750V
- DC voltage from 1V to 1000V
- Resistance from 100mOhm to 20kOhm
- Continuous test 50 ± 25Ohm with acoustic signal
- Supplied with: Instruction Manual Tips - 9V Carbon Zinc Battery Case

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