2x075mmq flat rubber eletrical cable BLACK suitable for small appliances


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Flat rubberized electric cable for household appliance 2x075 Black

- Flexible energy cables flat or round PVC insulated under light PVC sheath.
- Nominal voltage U0 / U:
300/300 V.
- Temperature range:
5 ÷ 70 ° C -20 ÷ 70 ° C (fixed laying)
CONSTRUCTION CHARACTERISTICS (according to HD-21 and CEI 20-20 standards):
· Red or tinned electrolytic copper flexible conductor made according to the CEI 20-29 standard.
· Primary insulation in high quality polyvinylchloride (class TI2 PVC).
· High quality polyvinylchloride sheath (TM2 class PVC).
Common use of cables

For installations in domestic areas offices and shops and for connecting lightweight portable devices subject to weak mechanical stress (table-top office machines table lamps hair-dryers radios etc.).
Not suitable for kitchen or heating appliances; not allowed for outdoor use in industrial or agricultural buildings or for non-domestic portable tools. Minimum bending radius: 6 times the maximum external diameter.

Technical features
- Also sold loose
- 100mt cable skeins
- Section 2x0.75 mmq
- Black colour
- Flat shape

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